Job Searching

Staying Motivated During a Job Search

Be patient

Job searching takes time; it is essential to be realistic about the job search. The more specialized the job the longer it may take. Decide whether you can wait for the perfect job or take an entry level position to move into a desired career.

What factors affect how long the job search will take?

  • Depth of experience and perceived salary requirements
  • Your network
  • Geographical demand for your skills
  • Time of year

(Source: LinkedIn)

Rejection is an opportunity for growth and improvement

Rejection is part of the process. There are many factors that determine whether a candidate is selected or not; do not take rejection personally. Instead, ensure that you follow up with the interviewer to receive feedback on your interview.

Know your numbers

If it takes five job applications to get an interview, make sure you apply to at least five jobs per day. The more interviews the better! It will help you stay focused and positive.

Reward yourself

Taking a day off from job searching is great! Reward yourself after a job well done, either a great interview or an extensive online application, by taking time off. This helps avoid getting burned out or discouraged in your job searching.

Reach out to friends and family

When all else fails, call a counselor, family member, your favorite Starbucks barista, or anyone who can give you a good, positive pep talk. Have a support system in place who are aware of your goals. Sharing goals with those close to us will keep us driving toward them and increase motivation in times of doubt.

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