In a competitive job market, finding a full-time job can be a full-time job. Job seekers, however, often have more resources at their disposal than they realize. This workbook will teach you how to effectively utilize your personal network, schedule and prepare for a job interview, and how to present yourself professionally. Let's start with a self-assessment.


In the chart below, rate your comfort level with the following tasks from 1 to 5 (1 being needs improvement and 5 being excellent).

How comfortable are you... 1 2 3 4 5
with your soft skills? (Basic or natural skills not stated in job posting)
promoting your skills and strengths to a total stranger in 30 seconds or less?
with the strength of your resume?
writing cover letters, resumes, and thank you letters?
searching for a job online, calling, or emailing for more information on a job posting?
asking people within your personal network for job leads?
going into a job interview today?
answering questions about your professional accomplishments/qualifications, and personal life?
putting together a professional interview outfit?


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